How to: back your paper pattern onto card

Rebecca Eaton

Posted on July 14 2020

How to: back your paper pattern onto card
✰ Hey its Bex here from RJ Leather Studio, welcome to our "How to" videos.
✰ I am the owner of a leather sewing school and leather good manufacturer based in Lancing, West Sussex. I have worked in Paris and London with numerous fashion house and have a broad experience of the Fashion world. I have experience of running my own fashion brand and selling world wide. Having produced over 10,000 bags and counting, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I would like to share with you.
✰ In this video I show you how to mount your RJ Leather Studio paper pattern onto card. When it comes to patterns it is very important that you make it as durable as possible for two reasons:
1) It will be really long lasting. It is extremely important to back it onto card to make it nice and rigid and easy to score with an awl along the edge of the card and transfer it onto leather, more info on this in my next video.
2) It is re-usable. Make sure you do not accidentally trim off the edge of the pattern as if you do it would mean that the pattern would not be 100% accurate. By keeping it as rigid and pristine as possible, sewing your bag should be a breeze because all the seams in the pattern match up beautifully. Patterns are all about mathematics and measurements matching up. This pattern can be then used to make as many bags as you want!
Here are all the things that you will need and some recommended places to source them:
1. Spray Glue:
2. Craft or Stanley knife -
3. Rotary Cutter -
5. Ruler or pattern master - or
6. 280gsm card in A1 sheets or from me -
7. A cutting matt -


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Happy Sewing and thanks for watching!




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