How-To: Cutting Out Zip Frames For Leather Bags

Rebecca Eaton

Posted on March 15 2022

How-To: Cutting Out Zip Frames For Leather Bags

✰ Hey everyone, welcome back to another week of How-To goodness!

✰ Today we are going to dive into a more advanced technique: cutting out zip frames, and more importantly how to do it accurately. As a little bonus I'm also going to sew it onto a bag so you can follow along the whole process.

For this video you'll be watching a little snippet of our online crafting course for the "Charlie" Tote. It's a great example of adding a full-sized zip to a pocket of your bag.

There we go! Adding zip frames to your projects takes your bag to another level, and it's great practice to make every bag your best work. Make sure to practice loads on any scrap leather you have, and you'll have the confidence to get sewing in no time!

Make sure you have the right tools for the job:

- Use a Pattern Master and Metal Ruler to get the most accurate measurements and clean cuts.

- Having a nice sharp Rotary Cutter is a must! Alternatively you can use a sharp pair of scissors or craft knife.

- Here's how to Set Up Your Machine for Sewing Leather

That's all for this week. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for future videos!

Have a lovely week and see you next time for more How-To goodness.

Bex xx

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