How to: set and close off a rivet with a hand setting tool

Rebecca Eaton

Posted on February 08 2021

How to: set and close off a rivet with a hand setting tool

✰ Hey its Bex here from RJ Leather Studio, welcome to our "How to" videos.

✰ I am the owner of a leather sewing school and leather good manufacturer based in Lancing, West Sussex. I have worked in Paris and London with numerous fashion house and have a broad experience of the Fashion world. I have experience of running my own fashion brand and selling world wide. Having produced over 10,000 bags and counting, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I would like to share with you.

✰ In this video I show you how to set and close off a rivet with a hand setting tool. When it comes to rivets it is very important to make sure that you set them correctly. From getting your holes punch and aligned to how to close off the rivet with the correct method.

1) Rivets can be used for lots of different parts on a bag from functional attaching handles and decorative details.

2) It is really important that you use the correct size rivet for the leather thickness that you are working with.

Here are all the things that you will need and some recommended places to source them:

1. Double capped rivets -

2. A rubber mallet -

3. A hole punch, either a : rotating hole punch or mini hole punch set

4. An awl -

5. Ruler or pattern master -​ or​

6. Rivet setting hand tool & anvil -

7. A cutting matt -​


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Happy Sewing and thanks for watching! RJ x 

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