How-To: Setting up Your Machine for Sewing Leather

Rebecca Eaton

Posted on March 24 2022

How-To: Setting up Your Machine for Sewing Leather

✰ Hey everyone, Bex here!

✰ Today I'm going to be showing you how to set up your domestic sewing machine for sewing leather, along with all the tips and tricks I've learnt over my career in leatherwork and handbag making.

Getting started in sewing leather can be quite intimidating, and having your machine set up correctly will give you the best head start to your journey. In this video I will go over all the ins and outs of what equipment and settings you will need, and then bring it all together with a little practice session at the end!

And there we go, you are now ready to dive into your first project!

Below are some extra resources and information about everything I've shown you in the video, including where to source anything you still need:

Sewing machine - The machine needs to be heavy duty to plough through thicker materials. If you are looking to buy a new sewing machine I highly recommend the heavy duty Janome 2200 from Tysew Ltd. The machine has a sufficient weight which is great when working with leather and upholstery materials. Additionally you can adjust the pressure gage, helping you to avoid any skipped stitches when sewing through thick layers. 

Teflon foot - The teflon allows the foot to glide over the leather unlike a metal sewing machine foot which can create resistance.

Leather point needle - A leather point needle differs from your standard domestic machine needle due to its knife edge, which slashes through the leather and creates a regular stitch. I recommend using a Schmetz needle size 120/19. Visit Our Store

Thread - I highly recommed using a polyester thread, as it will never perish and your bag will stay together forever! Gutermann is an excellent brand and will work amazingly with your domestic machine. 

For even more handy tips and useful tools, check out our Essentials for Sewing Leather How-To. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for even more videos!

Thank you for watching, and happy sewing!

Bex xxx


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