How-To: Select Stabilisers for Leather Bag Making

Rebecca Eaton

Posted on March 24 2022

How-To: Select Stabilisers for Leather Bag Making

✰ Welcome back to another quick How-To video!

✰ Today we're looking at stabilisers, and their importance in leather bag making at home.

Being able to sew leather on a domestic machine is a great way of making loads of amazing products from the comfort of your own home, but because we have to use thinner chrome-tanned leathers that consumer machines can handle we have to make sure that out leather stays firm and upright.

To do this, I reinforce all my bags with stabilisers that either glue or iron-on to the leather so that they keep their shape and strength. In this lesson we will be covering the three main types:

Heavy Cotton Drill - Used for the main body of many bags. We iron this on to the back of the leather to stop the bag from crumpling and deforming.

Decovil - Another iron-on stabiliser, we use this for thicker parts of the bag that need a bit of extra strength such as the opening of larger products.

Leatherboard - The sturdiest of the lot, we use leatherboard to reinforce the base of larger bags so that they sit up properly.

I hope you've gained more understanding of why we use stabilisers in our bags, and the best type to use for every situation.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any trouble sourcing any of these. You can purchase heavy cotton-drill from our store.

Heavy iron-on decovil and Leatherboard can be found on many craft stores and amazon.

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