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How-To: Trimming Straps for Leather Bags

Rebecca Eaton

Posted on March 24 2022

How-To: Trimming Straps for Leather Bags

✰ Hello everyone, Rebecca here!

✰ Another week, another tutorial to warm the soul! Today's topic will be trimming away excess leather from straps.

This technique is super useful for a few bags in our range, so today we will be looking at the "Arthur" Clutch bag as an example. It can be quite fiddly to accurately trim away such a small amount of leather, but after this video you will have all the knowledge and techniques you need to master it.

Hopefully you're a bit less intimidated by this tricky task, just remember to take your time and be as accurate as possible. (A very sharp pair of scissors is also a big help)

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I Hope you have a lovely week, and see you next time!

Bex xx

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