Option 2 - £90 per month to hire the studio 2 days per month (£45 per day)

Option 2 - £90 per month to hire the studio 2 days per month (£45 per


Studio Hire & Group Taught Lessons 

Option 2 - £90 per month to hire the studio for 2 days a month, sharing with other people. Access to space, tables, tools and machines.

Join our creative community!

Welcome to the new subscription section of our website. Over the last four years we have been building relationships with a wonderful community of like minded creative men and women that we have met through the RJ leather sewing school courses.  Here you will find information about hiring our studio and discounted group lesson and becoming part of our creative community.

Starting out becoming an accessories designer can be quite expensive and a little daunting. Its nice to work alongside other people and have access to machinery, tools and knowledge without having to do it all yourself. We have created discount deals for coming and sharing our space, machines, tools etc and also having the chance to work alongside other inspirational like-minded people who are working on the same path as you.

We also know that self practise can be hard so there are also discounted taught lessons also available. Lessons are drop in and you can explore your ideas rather than set courses/designs or you are welcome to use our patterns.

Please be aware the "Subscriptions" are run for a minimum or 3 months at a time. Days for studio hire will be arranged as soon as you subscribe.