Studio and Sewing Machine Space Hire - whole day £60

Studio and Sewing Machine Space Hire - whole day £60


We have had some feedback from you guys that you'd love the opportunity to explore your ideas further, but you don't have the machines at home. Some times until you experiment more your not sure if you want to invest so much money into buying an industrial, so until then why not come and use ours.

What this includes:

Use of one desk
2 x flat bed machines 1 with a speed adjuster motor.
1 walking foot cylinder arm
iron & ironing board
rivet machine
eyelet press
hand tools
rotary cuter
cutting matts
tea & coffee
You can come and hire the studio for either a half day for £30 or whole day for £60. Any questions feel free to call or email me before hand. 07711 316190

terms of use: You will be able to use the studio during the allocated hours. Select days will be dedicated to people wishing to hire the space. You may be able to be added into a group "taught" session to fill places, but we can discuss in detail.