Chrome tanned leather by the square foot

Chrome tanned leather by the square foot


tan brown
dark green
light grey
bright red
Fuscia pink

When you buy leather from leather merchants you have to buy a whole skin or half skin. I know when I started out working with leather the whole process seemed very overwhelming, and intimating to buy such a huge skin. So having had lot of feedback from you lovelies I have decided to sell leather directly to you. 

Here I have for sale chrome dyed leather, 1mm in thickness, sold by the square foot. 

We have 9 leathers colour to choose from: black, tan brown, dark green, navy, purple and taupe, bright red, fuchsia or teal leather. Check out the pictures here: to see the leather being used in final products.  

The price is per square foot, please add to cart how many square foot you require. A square foot is 30cm x 30cm square. 

As an example:

The Arthur leather clutch requires 2 square foot of leather.

The Charlie leather tote requires 9 square foot of leather