Waxed Cotton Apron with Vegtan leather details - £125

Waxed Cotton Apron with Vegtan leather details - £125



This is a really fun new course. We are introducing garment making to ur sewing school this year and thought it would be great to kick off the launch with a waxed cotton apron. Versatile for both men and women. 

The apron is made from beautiful rich waxed cotton and comes in 5 waxed cotton colour choices, olive, black, dark brown, sand or navy. It also features leather trims for the top of the apron, pocket and straps. We are using a leather called vegtan (not to be confused with vegan) this is a luxury leather which is died using natural tannins and is the top surface of the skin of the cow. This means that it is beautiful to deboss into the leather to personilise the apron. So it means you can write names or initials into the leather by debossing (embedding the letters into the surface of the leather) 

Key skills learned in this course

  • How to use our apron pattern template
  • How to cut leather trims and straps.
  • Methods & techniques for preparing leather for sewing.
  • Debossing techniques to personalise your apron
  • Which threads to use
  • Professional construction techniques and methods.
  • How to make a patch pocket
  • How to assemble an apron in stages
  • How to attach hardware