Chrome tanned leather by Quarter/Half/Whole - Hide


When you buy leather from leather merchants you have to buy a whole skin.

I know when I started out working with leather the whole process seemed very overwhelming, and intimidating to buy such a huge skin.

So having had lots of feedback from you lovelies I have decided to sell leather directly to you. 

Here I have for sale chrome dyed leather, 1mm in thickness.

We have 9 leathers colour to choose from: black, tan brown, dark green, navy, purple and taupe, bright red, fuchsia or teal leather.

We have leather for sale by the:

Quarter hide is around 12.5 square foot = £60

Half hide is around 25 square foot = £120

Whole hide is around 50 sqaure foot = £240

Please select the colour then the size option.

As an example:

The Arthur leather clutch requires 2 square foot of leather.

The Charlie leather tote requires 9 square foot of leather

Color: Black

Tan Brown
Dark Green
Bright Red
Fuscia pink

Size: Quarter Hide

Quarter Hide
Half Hide
Whole Hide
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