Handbag Kits

Welcome to our DIY handbag making shop.

Our handbag making kits. They include a copy of the paper pattern and full colour brochure. All pre cut leather, lining, hardware and stablisers, teflon foot, leather point needle and thread.

The patterns and kits are available in a series of different handbags styles from clutch bags to leather totes. With a variety of designs and difficulties, we have something for everyone whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced sewer. 

All of our kits are made to be created it in the comfort of your own home using a domestic sewing machine. You will need some basic tools of your own which will all be listed and available to purchase from our website.

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" The Arthur" Leather Clutch - Kit & Paper Pattern £65
Waxed Cotton T-Base Tote - Kit & Paper Pattern - £65
"The Charlie" Leather Tote - Kit & Paper Pattern - £119
"The Neville" Leather Backpack - Kit & Paper Pattern - £119
"The Louis " Leather Hobo - Kit & Paper Pattern - £119
"The Arthur" Leather Clutch - materials only £35
"The Charlie" Leather Tote - Materials only- £60
"The Neville" Leather Backpack - Kit Materials only - £65
"The Louis " Leather Hobo kit "- Materials only - £65