Rivet Setting Tool + 100 x Double Capped Rivets 10mm

RJ Leather Studio Rivet Tool with 100 Double Capped Rivets 10mm


This is a brilliant tool to buy when first starting leatherwork. This is a rivet setting tool with anvil and 100 x 10mm cap and 9mm stem rivets (silver, gold or antique brass)



When using a hand setting tool and anvil you will need to make sure you have a very solid table to work on.

This is to stop the anvil from bouncing and causing the rivet to set lopsided or making a mark in the leather.

You will then need a rubber hammer.

Place the leather onto the anvil making sure that the rivet is directly sitting in the centre of the anvil dome underneath.

Place the hand setting tool onto the top of the rivet head.

Keep it very straight and start to lightly hammer the rivet head. This should start to flatten the stem of the rivet.

Go slowly to start to make sure that the stem does not go lopsided.

Once you are happy it is flattening off straight continue hammer till the cap is sitting flush with the surface of the leather.

Test it with your fingernail to make sure that the cap is secure, re-hammer if necessary.

We have a How to video on our youtube channel that shows you how to set and close off a rivet.


Colour: Gold

Antique Brass
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